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Address of Sale:

4201 Fawn Court
Joliet, IL 60431

Sale Dates and Times:
9/25/2015 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Friday)
9/26/2015 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Saturday)

Terms and Conditions:
All items are sold as is. No Returns or refunds. We accept cash and debit cards.
MasterCard and Visa accepted on purchases over $50.00.
We are unable to help move items, so please bring your own muscle.
We do have contacts of available moving companies if you need this type of assistancer.

Numbers will be provided thirty minutes prior to the start of the sale. We will honor a watched list created prior.
If you have questions or would like additional information on any items in the sale, please give us a call at (800) 760-3430!

Sale Description:

The safe has been cracked!

The vault has been opened!

Step into another time and soak up all the vintage and antique finds!

We are just scratching the surface and will continue to post photos.  Keep checking back for more unique , one of a kind discoveries!

Here is a list of just a few of the items so far:


  1.  Extensive collection of Jim Beam vintage decanters: including a 1964 "I Dream of Jeanie" bottle
  2. Antique and vintage lighters including L &M, Zippo, Chesterfield, Amico, Chelsea
  3. Antique walking sticks
  4. Kodak antique cameras
  5. Tru Vue viewer
  6. Alfred Makin wash basin
  7. Vintage pipes and pipe holder
  8.  Antique license plates
  9. Vintage car collections
  10. Memorabilia of all kinds!
  11. Vintage beer signs
  12. Harmonicas: M. Hohner Marine Band and M. Hohner Special 20
  13. Selection of vinyl
  14. Unique lamps including the "flushing toilet" lamp - a one of a kind!
  15. Vintage tusk horn
  16. Selection of vintage and antique canes
  17.  Variety of Budweiser steins and collectibles
  18. WW1 Victory medal with Somme Offensive  and Defensive Sector campaign bars
  19.  2 Antique leather Billy Clubs: one with "spring" handle from the early 1900's
  20. Presidential pins including: Nixon, Agnew, Hoover, Roosevelt, Johnson, Kennedy, Stevenson
  21. 1950's Brass model A Ford owner badge
  22. Disabled Veteran Key tags from Illinois 1960's lot
  23. Vintage Free Mason's money clips
  24. Vintage Cameras and Film equipment: Falcom miniature, Bell and Howell Autoload, Kodak Pony 135, Minolta Mini 16
  25. Vintage Revere Camera Co. Model 48 - 16 mm variable speed home projector
  26. Kodak 500 Supermatic projector
  27. Antique bottle capper
  28. 1961 Schlitz Clock
  29. 2 #604 Road Flare vintage Road hazard lamps
  30. Antique Railroad Flashlight Volkano Model 475
  31. Delta Electric Co. Train light
  32. Rose Train light
  33. Antique Cast Iron (85857) Adlake Steel train light
  34. 1968 Schlitz light up Neon Sign in great condition - works well!
  35. Vintage Medinah Shriners Fez hat
  36. Antique Zenith Vintage Console tube radio (10 S 668) circa 1942
  37. Cox Car
  38. Bill Schifsky Pinto drag car
  39. Corgi Classics: 1915 model T, 1910 Daimler
  40. Buddy L
  41. Siku Mercedes refuse truck
  42. Dinky toys Princess 2200 car
  43. Danbury mint 1935 Duesenberg
  44. Collection of Avon cologne car bottles
  45. 1966 Promo car
  46. 1965 continental
  47. 1957 Chevrolet nomad
  48. 1878 antique Ansonia mantle clock made in New york
  49. Set of 11 figurines depicting clothes from the 1900's
  50. Nautical decor
  51. Antique skeleton keys
  52. Selection of vintage and antique books



Stay tuned for  more!!

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