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Naperville, IL

Sale Dates and Times:
5/23/2014 9:00am - 3:00pm (Friday)
5/24/2014 9:00am - 1:00pm (Saturday)

Terms and Conditions:
All items are sold as is. No Returns or refunds. We accept cash and debit cards.
MasterCard and Visa accepted on purchases over $50.00.
We are unable to help move items, so please bring your own muscle.
We do have contacts of available moving companies if you need this type of assistancer.

Numbers will be provided thirty minutes prior to the start of the sale. We will honor a watched list created prior.
If you have questions or would like additional information on any items in the sale, please give us a call at (800) 760-3430!

Sale Description:

Our client is a veteran of the Korean War and has a home full of items that pay tribute to all things Americana. From mid century style to a collection of patriotic décor and military items. 

In addition you don’t want to miss our large selection of knives and the  “as seen on t.v section” 


  • Round blond wood table with 4 chairs. 
  • Pair of brown leather chairs with exposed wood legs. 
  • Selection of resin eagle statues
  • Vintage Augusta pettern silver lighter
  • Brown cotton twill couch
  • Black Kenmore gas over
  • Black Hotpoint microwave oven
  • J.A Henckels 5 star knife set
  • Kenmore 300 series washer
  • Kenmore white 500 series drier
  • Cuisinart smart power blender
  • Selection of cast iron skillets from Lodge and Heuck
  • Community stainless flatware
  • Misc. household items
  • Kenmore mini fridge
  • Vintage wooden bottle stopper
  • Print "Weathervane Hutch" by Thomas Kinkade
  • Hoover vacuum
  • Hunter green country couch
  • Large selection of colonial wood furniture; night stands, side tables, bed, dressers, coffee tables
  • Items ordered from “as seen on tv”
    • Time Tutelary watch winder
    • V slicer plus
    • Chef's secret cutlery
    • Ab turbo
    • Zommies
    • Isometric Grip
    • Stoneware micro cooker
    • Power monkey
  • 4 poster  mid centuy colonial style furniture
  • Crown G.R. 1907 bayonett
  • Great selection of Korean war military gear/items in excellent condition
    • 1962 U.S. Leyse mess kit
    • Camouflage helmet
    • Military canteen
    • Never opened dressing first aid field individual troop kit
    • Military blankets, tent and leather mittens, field manuals, guides
    • Military ammo cases: 200 cartridges 7.62 mm
  • Snow blower
  • Large selection of knives
    • Frost Cutlery
      • Police Folder
      • Armed Forces Tanto
      • Tennessee Skinner
      • Avenger
      • 101 Airborne
      • Dakota Spirit 2
      • Iron Horse
      • Humvee
      • Georgia Skinner
      • Lone Wolf
  • Fecit VCM napkin rings

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