I was looking for an estate sale liquidator that could help recover the highest value for the contents of my home. I was very pleased with Naperville Estate Sales. They have a real gift for staging and pricing items. NES made the whole process effortless on my part. They come in and handle everything from photos to the final pick up of items after the sale. It was a joy to work with Mary and Lisa and I would highly recommend working with their company.


I can’t begin to express how great Mary and Lisa were to work with during our recent estate sale. These ladies are not only professional but also personable. They have such a genuine understanding about the emotion you feel when you decide to do an estate sale. It is clear that their professionalism has helped to create a long client list and customers that look forward to their sales. I genuinely believe their approach to their estate sales brings in the most profit possible.

I wanted to take a moment to commend you and Mary on the outstanding service you provided Judy and me. The team was very well organized and knowledgeable. The use of social media was excellent and the number of people we had was based on the work you and Mary did along with your team. I have been telling our friends and neighbors on how great you were and I would use you again. The stress of a move was enough but you and Mary made the process of having an estate sale easier on us because you managed all the details and communication necessary to have a financial success.

Thank you for your efforts and best of luck in 2018!

Warmest Regards,
Patrick & Judy

We cannot say enough about Naperville Estate Sales! Working with Lisa and Mary was like having family or your best friends around. From the first meeting, we felt very comfortable with these ladies, and we knew they would do everything in their power to give us the best estate sale possible. They did!!! They were sensitive to the fact that we were selling things we had accumulated together, as well as items we had inherited from family. They worked tirelessly to weed through our stuff, which was a lot, searching the internet to find comparables/pricing. They also utilized their many contacts to price items or use alternative methods of selling them when they knew it would generate a better price. They have a true gift when it comes to merchandising your home, using this mirror with that candlestick, next to this purse and that necklace set. It was like walking into a posh boutique. We were not in town for the estate sale but got home the day afterwards. We left our home FULL of belongings and came back to empty rooms. It was AWESOME, and so liberating!!! For the few items remaining, they helped arrange for a local charity to come in to pack and take the rest away. If you need to liquidate a loved one's estate, are looking to downsize, or just want to get rid of the abundance of things you 'just had to have', these are the people you want to call.

THANK YOU, Lisa and Mary, for being the wonderful, talented people you are and helping make our dream come true! We are spending time with family on the east coast, headed to the southwest for the holidays, then wintering in southern California...after that - who knows!

Mark and Diane

Mary and Lisa
Perry and I want to thank you for all of your efforts to make our estate sale such a huge success! We had interviewed 4 other companies and are so glad that we selected yours. You both were so easy to work with, professional yet flexible, and unbelievably efficient with both the set-up and the sale. You made the experience of selling off virtually everything in our home stress-free. Plus your recommendation of the charity for pick-up of the remaining items made everything after the sale extremely easy as well. We definitely feel that your advertising, displays and reputation helped maximize our profits. Thanks again for everything.
Denise & Perry

Lisa and Mary
Thank you for all of your work and assistance in overseeing my mother’s estate sale. While no one enjoys going through this, you both made the selling of her belongings less burdensome for me. Your team was professional, compassionate and so appreciate the communication throughout the process. I will recommend Naperville Estate Sales to my family and friends for sure.
Thank you again.

Recommendation for Naperville Estate Sales

The total experience with Naperville Estate Sales was outstanding. We were downsizing from our Wheaton house of 32 years and they help made the transition much easier.
Mary and Lisa worked with us to choose the perfect date for the sale. Both women were very professional, caring, and were delightful to work with during the sorting and staging of our treasurers. They have connections with trash pick-up and donations for unsold items.

They used their expertise and the internet to price our items fairly for us and people who come to the estate sale. Staging for our sale was beautiful and very inviting for customers.

We were very pleased with outcome of the two-day sale. We would whole heartily recommend the ladies of Naperville Estate Sales.

Marjorie and Chuck

I highly recommend Naperville Estate Sales.

Lisa and Mary recently handled a sale at my late father's house, and the results were better than expected. They treated the premises and contents with respect, and carefully researched and priced virtually all items of value. They have an established customer base, and I was thrilled with the number of shoppers at the sale. Lisa and Mary gave us an effective and efficient means of liquidating the household and converting the contents to cash.

These are pleasant and fun folks to work with, and quite adept at handling those delicate family matters. I placed my trust in them, and they didn't let me down. I have no reservations in recommending Lisa, Mary, and the entire crew at Naperville Estate Sales to you.


Mary and Lisa--

Thank you so much for your professionalism and hard work in planning and executing our estate sale. The entire process was smooth and ran exactly as you represented it. You both worked hard, were diligent in preparing the presentation and pricing and were respectful to our needs during the preparation, sale, and follow up. Your staff for the days of the sale were also courteous and professional.
Over the years, I've learned to value people and companies who simply do what they say they will do. You did. Very much appreciate that.
Best of luck in the future.


Dear Lisa and Mary
Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciated working with you both. Everything about the sale was prepared and executed in a very professional and efficient manner. Please feel free to use us as a reference to anyone who wants the stress and worries taken out of their situation with the sale of Estate issues. We will always refer friends and family to your company when the need arises. Best wishes to you both for continued success.

Bill and Nancy

We were on a very short time line and needed help to clean out and organize an estate sale of our home in three weeks. We had lived in our home for 17 years and it was full of memories from top to bottom.We were out of town and couldn't return home right away. I contacted Mary and Lisa and we actually did a virtual tour of the contents of our home in order to advertize right away. They helped us organize the sale and we were very pleased with their sense of urgency and professionalism. Honestly, there is absolutely no way we could have cleaned out and prepared our entire home for the new owners without their help. We highly recommend Naperville Estate Sales. Mary and Lisa are awesome!


My husband and I decided to sell our home in Naperville and move in to the city. We felt overwhelmed by our "to do" list and knew we needed help with the process. Our realtor recommended Naperville Estate Sales and we gave Mary and Lisa a call. The result was a smooth, efficient process and we could not have been happier. Mary and Lisa are professional, kind, courteous....all the qualities we hoped for as we were selling so many of our belongings. They were also fun and always upbeat. Thank you to Naperville Estate Sales for helping us through the process! We would gladly refer this team to anyone who needs help with an estate sale.


You delivered beyond our expectations. From our first encounter, we felt very comfortable that we had selected the right team that would provide a very professional, fair, and honest return. And to boot we got to meet to great persons that do their job with a passion, heart , and understanding of the impact to their clients.

It is not easy for one to do away in one brief moment years of items that one has acquired with thought and attention towards providing a comfortable living space and that has given purposeful use and enjoyment to one's life. But in the end, material things come and go and are not the real foundation of what makes up a home. However, you both struck a perfect balance between helping us recover some value and letting go of things that bring many memories of days and events associated with them.

From me and my wife, thank you so much for your great work. Wishing you always continuing success.

Lisa and Mary were professional and thorough in their work with my family during a very difficult time. They were especially caring and thoughtful with my mother-in-law. Their communication with the family was always timely and appropriate. We feel as though we received top dollar for the items sold at our estate sale. Naperville Estate Sales has a large network of resources that were helpful for some of the more unique collections. In addition, we feel like our family items have been connected to great new homes. We would highly recommend Naperville Estate Sales.


I looked online for help with an estate sale that I was planning. Mary and Lisa's website was immediately appealing because it was upfront on costs, but, more importantly, stressed the emotional dimensions of downsizing from a home. This estate sale was not simple: it involved two separate homes, moving items across town, and setting up the combined treasures of two homes in a large 110 year old house. And it was a wonderful experience! I made the decision as to what was to be sold and Lisa and Mary got to work photographing and posting items on line. A lot of research was needed to identify dinner ware patterns, ceramics, prints and paintings. One interesting and enjoyable challenge was putting values on both European and Chinese objects. The staging of the wares was nothing short of brilliant: themes were developed, color schemes were coordinated, and the more expensive pieces were featured prominently. Since there were so many items, the sale was split into items in the main house and then items (tools, kitchen gear, gardening gear) in a separate basement sale. The advertisements yielded great results: customers thronged the sale over three days. During the sale, items were re-staged and consolidated so that the various rooms always looked fresh and interesting. I thought the estate sale was a brilliant success! It was exciting to see the sale go on and it was an immense relief to end up with an empty house thanks to the efforts of Mary, Lisa and their able crew of helpers.



My wife and I are estate sale junkies. We attend them almost every week-end. We have attended sales put on by dozens of companies, all over the Chicago area. So when it was time for us to have our moving/estate sale, we were determined to choose the best company, based on our experience.

There was no question that we would choose Mary and Lisa of Naperville Estate Sales. We have always been impressed with their attention to detail regarding staging the sale and making sure everything looks professional. If you attend one of their sales at the end of the day, it will look as nice as it did first thing in the morning. They are constantly re-staging during the duration of the event to assure that they do whatever is necessary to have a successful sale for their customers. We were also impressed at the amount of research they do to verify authenticity of items for sale, in order to correctly price items for their clients.

Our sale was a huge success. We attribute that to the efficiency and diligence on the part of Mary and Lisa of Naperville Estate Sales. They were the right choice for us and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering a sale.

Karen and Mike

Dear Lisa and Mary,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for all of your efforts and hard work on the recent estate sale you conducted for my wife and I. As you know it was a very stressful time for us having to move into temporary housing and knowing we had to sell everything as we downsized to move into the city. That said, your professionalism and attention to detail from our first meeting to the close of the sale made all the difference in making the process a smooth one.
I also want to thank you for accommodating us on our very tight timeframe due to an accelerated closing date. Obviously this threw an unexpected twist into the process and the way you handled it was flawless. To see our home virtually empty was a shock to the system to say the least.
I can assure you if we ever decide to go through another estate sale you will be the first people we call. You are truly the best and were an absolute pleasure to deal with. All the best in your future sales and if you ever need a reference please let me know.

Sean and Sue


Dear Lisa and Mary,

Thank you so much for working with me on consignment.

Over the years, we accumulate a great deal of stuff. Sometimes what we liked ten years ago, no longer fits in with our current home style. And sometimes, we know we need to empty our parents' cabinets, but the process can be overwhelming when done all at once. I am grateful that you were willing to work with me as I worked through the transition in my home and cleared out some space in my parents' home.

I especially appreciate your honesty and professionalism. Your prompt replies to my numerous questions and concerns put me at ease in the process. Thank you for your fair assessment of the items.

I look forward to my next consignment with Naperville Estate Sales.


Mary Beth


It is a pleasure to recommend Mary and Lisa for an estate sale.

It was time for my husband and I to "downsize" and move to our other home out west permanently. This was a big decision for us. We had acquired a lot of furniture, paintings, sculptures and items that we loved for our historic home. How would we ever be able to handle this huge job? Little did we know that Mary and Lisa were not too far away and would prove to be professional, efficient and get the job done thoroughly in minimal amount of time.

We had our first meeting and found them to be friendly, warm and caring , as well as, knowledgeable about what it would take to "get the job done". They discussed the procedure and arrived at our home promptly and got to work on taking inventory of items, pricing and developing small signettes that would be appealing to buyers. We were amazed at their efficiency.

I would say to anyone considering an estate sale to contact Mary and Lisa, Naperville Estate Sales. These ladies are hard working and know how to conduct an estate sale. We were very pleased at the number of people who attended the sale and the monetary results.

The O'Leary's

Dear Lisa and Mary,

I would like to take a moment to thank both of you for the time and genuine care you gave to my husband and I during a very stressful time. With my husband already in Florida and me still in IL, we knew that moving out of our cherished home was going to be overwhelming and not something we could do without some major assistance. We were so glad to have chosen Naperville Estates Sales. We have lived in our home for 18 years and although we were looking forward to this new journey, it was still with sadness that we were leaving our home, this area and having to part with many cherished belongings. Both of you and your entire team were simply amazing. Not only were you professional but also extremely kind, caring and compassionate which alleviated much of our anxiety. Further, with each step along the way, your experience and advice made the process so much easier.

It was amazing to see how you came into our home and over the course of about 2 weeks organized, sorted, merchandised and marketed all the items that we were selling and turned our home into a beautiful little store complete with themes and eye catching displays. Your attention to detail, skill, care and willingness to go the extra mile to research many of our pieces was so much appreciated. You both obviously love your work and have your customers' best interests in mind. We were extremely happy with the end result and your post-sale assistance and resources you gave us were incredibly helpful as well.

To anyone needing help liquidating their home, my husband and I are the first ones to recommend Naperville Estates Sales.

Thank you, Thank you Thank you Lisa and Mary!

Jeff and Sue

Mary & Lisa

Hiring Naperville Estate Sales was the best thing I did in my recent house sale and move! Through such a stressful time and with a million things to do, these women removed so much off of my list. They were professional and thorough. From the initial meeting to the staging of my things to the final clean-out, I didn't worry about a thing. I had heard horror stories about other firms and I was anxious. Mary made me feel extremely comfortable from the start. I can't explain the talent behind how they displayed my items - they were so attractive that I almost wanted to keep them! My sale was a huge hit, very few things were left and I made much more money than I had ever anticipated. To think I was going to have a large garage sale! For an extra fee I had the house cleaned for the final walk-through. The buyer of my house was so impressed and pleased. Using the services of Naperville Estate Sales simplified my life!

Dear Prospective Naperville Estate Sales Client,

Last year my husband was transferred to a new job in southwest Florida! We put our beloved home in Naperville on the market with a realtor and after much discussion decided to sell almost everything in our home so that we would have a fresh start in Florida. I did hours of research to find the right company to conduct an estate sale on our behalf. I interviewed at least three companies in person and countless others over the phone.

After all of these interviews, it was very clear to me that Naperville Estate Sales was the perfect Estate Sales company for us! Lisa Scardina and Mary Bach-Onley were so very friendly and helpful from the beginning of the process to the very end! Moving across the country and selling almost everything you own is very overwhelming. Lisa and Mary greeted me the first day I met them with warm smiles and reassurance that they would take care of everything! They are licensed, bonded and very trustworthy so I trusted them to be in my home alone while I was away. They did very thorough research on pricing every item and sorted through everything in our large four bedroom home! They spent hours and hours sorting through boxes and boxes in our basement and found wonderful treasures to sell. After completing the research and pricing, they displayed everything in the most amazing way - truly merchandising each and every item so that items would sell for more money and more quickly! Their creativity was amazing!

They did the needed advertising to attract buyers to the sale - the first morning of the sale, there were people lined up at my doorstep, down my driveway and down the street. During the days of the estate sale, their organization and their staff were very impressive! I didn't have to worry about a thing! Everything they promised me they would do, they did!

Mary and Lisa were in and out of my house for about six weeks and during the weeks leading up to and during the estate sale they were in my house for entire days! In order to have someone in your home that much, you really need to like them and trust them and I promise you that you will like Lisa and Mary and trust them too!

At the end of the estate sale I was left with a clean and organized home and everything I wanted to sell was either sold or donated! The ladies presented me with a check for the proceeds of the sale. This allowed me to then sell my house and move to Florida with my family!

If you are looking for an estate sale company to conduct a sale on your behalf, you should stop looking and contact Lisa and Mary! They will take great care of you! I recommend them very highly!

Thank you,

Life often throws us into very difficult situations. I found myself in the middle of one with an immediate need to furnish my home on a tight budget. I suddenly was put into a world far different than the one I had been accustomed to. I wasn't sure what to do. I thought of trying to purchase items at an estate sale. I was nervous because I had never been to an estate sale, nor had I ever dealt with a company that organizes estate sales.

My first contact was with Lisa and it was such a relief to deal with someone who was not only pleasant but helpful. I had immediately noticed she was far more informative than other people from other companies. In fact, other companies lost my business due to not having time to speak to me. After I had told Lisa what I was interested in, my second contact was with Mary. She was just as pleasant and helpful as Lisa.

I cannot tell you enough what a nice surprise it was to deal with a company that clearly had not only the seller's best interest in mind, but the buyer's too!

My life is moving on and I am realizing that there are still good people out there who will help you when you need it! Thank you Lisa, Mary and Napervillee Estate Sales for making this experience such a good one! I wish you all of the best in the future and will recommend your company to anyone looking to have an estate sale -- or anyone looking to go to an estate sale!

Thank you again!


To Whom It May Concern,

Naperville Estate Sales took care of my mom's estate sale, and we were both very pleased with the process and the result. Mary and Lisa worked hard for days researching prices and setting up everything in a very attractive way. They were prompt, neat, professional and kept in touch as things progressed. Their thorough advertising brought in a steady stream of buyers. To our delight most of the items were sold, and we took in more than we had expected to. I would definitely use them again if I had to empty another house.


In February my family underwent some very traumatic life changing experiences. I'm a stay at home mom with four children under the age of eleven. We've lived in our beautiful home in Naperville for six years and loved our home and neighbors. Unfortunately our lives would forever be changed. My husband and I were going through a divorce, he lost his job, our home was in foreclosure and our vehicles were being repossessed. Needless to say I felt like I was sinking into a world of despair.

I had an immediate need to find a new place to live, so I decided that I had to liquidate anything I could in hopes to make enough money to help my family. I wasn't sure of the next step. Then along came Mary and Lisa from Naperville Estate Sales.

I must admit that as I continue my story it literally brings tears to my eyes. These women not only did an excellent job with the estate sale, but they provided me with relief and hope that I could make it through this awful situation. To sell a lifetime of memories in furniture, toys, clothing and other worldly possessions is a very difficult experience. With the help of Naperville Estate Sales, I was able to pull through with my head held high. They were efficient, professional, thorough yet compassionate to my situation.

It was like having brilliant powerhouse executives who were also warm, compassionate, caring and helpful. They made my experience manageable. I would recommend these ladies to help anyone in need of an estate sale. They are so easy to work with, they're great at their job, very professional and they helped me make a very profitable amount of money. I can't say enough about what a great experience I had working with them.


Dear Mary and Lisa,

I want to thank you for your outstanding service in handling the estate of my mother. You made an extraordinarily difficult situation manageable, and even made the estate sale a positive experience in many ways. I came to you as a complete novice in the area of estate sales, feeling completely overwhelmed, and after meeting with you both, I immediately felt an ease and confidence that everything would soon be under control. I appreciated your professionalism and very hard work, as well as your kindness and sensitivity. I know that this sale was so much work- a very large volume of belongings, many different categories (antiques, art, jewelry, furniture, clothes...). I was amazed at how everything was researched, priced, and finally presented for the sale.

I want to compliment your whole staff also- everyone was wonderful, it was a pleasure meeting all of you. As you know the sale was very successful- which is terrific. I am incredibly grateful for everything that you did from start to finish. I will recommend your company with the highest confidence to anyone who needs an Estate Sale service.

My most sincere thanks, Mary and Lisa-


(Excerpt from a client's e-mail communication)

I want to say how happy I am with this interaction, your firm's attentiveness (you and Lisa!), and follow-through. You made a challenging situation much easier for me. The dollars are a help, the piece of mind even a larger source of joy.

Finding a home for many of the items my mom held for so long is certainly a joy to her if she is watching. I wish you great success in your business. Very often I would bet your hard work is marginally compensated. In this case, if my heartfelt thanks can help with cheer even a little, that would fill my wish and hope.


Lisa and Mary,

I just wanted to tell you that it was very difficult for me seeing all of my things go from 65 years of marriage. You girls did an excellent, excellent job. You were always very kind, organized, considerate and made things easier for me. I would highly recommend you to anyone. I just have to tell you a great big thanks for everything you did. I now consider you both dear friends.

Love you both!

Edye - October 2011

Recently my husband and I decided to move into a smaller home and had Naperville Estate Sales conduct an estate sale as one of the first steps in our downsizing process.

Both Lisa and Mary were knowledgeable, professional, and followed through with an obvious enthusiasm for their work. I especially appreciated the fact that, not only do they do thorough research on items, they also have experienced professionals available to them to assist in the research of jewelry, books, and antique pieces. (I really enjoyed being there for the process of evaluating individual items!)

Lisa and Mary are not only excellent at what they do, they are also personable and easy to work with. The preliminary sorting of the items for sale, the advertising, the actual physical set up, and the clean up were all extremely organized and accomplished with the least amount of stress for us and our sale was successful.

In light of the above, I would definitely recommend Naperville Estate Sales.